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Travel is Education
Every second you spend in a different country is a second you spend learning about another way of life. Whether it’s how the natives dress, eat, interact, or make a living. Recognizing your own way of living not to be the only possible is quite humbling.

The Joys of Spring Vacation...
The cities are alive again - they have more colour. Seasonal restaurants and cafes reopen, and you can feel the excitement in the air.

Crete, Greece

Of all the Greek islands, Crete is one of the most distinctive—not only because it’s the largest, but also because it has its own unmistakable culture. Don’t miss traditional villages like Spili, one of the most beautiful spots situated south of Rethymno. Visit in late spring to avoid crowds and hot temperatures.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Come to Copenhagen in March—when spring begins to fight back against the chilly Nordic winter—and you can find a table at top restaurants more easily than in the peak of the summer season. As a bonus, spring offers the chance to chow down on one of Denmark’s national obsessions: black licorice. The "Liquorice Festival" (March 24-25 this year) is a two-day celebration of the sweet-salty treat that Danes consume in huge amounts.

Glasgow, Scotland

Edinburgh may be the Scottish capital, but Glasgow is the country's de facto capital of culture. Here, you'll find the Scottish Opera, Scottish Ballet, National Theatre of Scotland, and multiple world-renowned museums and galleries like Kelvingrove. Visit in March, April, or May, when temperatures hover in the 60s and summer tourists haven't yet hit the city.

Columbia, SC

Columbia is not only affordable but easy to get around. March events in Columbia, SC include Chamber Music on Main at Columbia Museum of Art (March 6), March Harvest Dinner at City Roots farm (March 12), Columbia’s independent craft beer celebration and St. Pat’s in Five Points (March 17).

Glacier Bay, Alaska

Spring is feeding season for whales that throng this more than three-million-acre national park just outside Juneau: The grey whales arrive first in late April, followed by minkes, orcas, and humpbacks in May. It’s also a peak breeding time for harbour seals—all the more important given their overall numbers have tumbled by 75 percent over the past decade.

Louisville, KY

You don’t have to love racing to take a vacation to Louisville. The Kentucky Derby extends a full week before the actual two minutes of the competition on the first Saturday in May, with food tastings, dance and music performances on the racetrack, and even the opportunity to watch the contenders train at dawn in the days leading up to the big race.

First Time at the

01. The Days Before Your Flight

Label each piece of luggage with your name and an email or a phone number you can be reached at, while on the road, in case it gets separated.

02. At the Security Checkpoint

You'll need to show your ID when you check in for your flight. Once you're past the initial screener, you'll put all your carry-on luggage, along with your footwear, outerwear and anything in your pockets, in bins that are then put through an X-ray machine. While your luggage is being screened, you'll walk through a screening machine yourself – its exact nature varies depending on the airport – then collect your luggage on the other side. If either screening machine detects anything unusual, you and your luggage may be subjected to extra screening measures.

03. Waiting to Board

Once you're past the security checkpoint, you'll be in the departure terminal of the airport. Check your boarding pass – it'll tell you which gate your plane will leave from. Each airport also has large screens that display a list of flight departure times and gates. If anything changes about your flight time or gate number, those screens and alerts from the mobile app for your airline are your best sources of updated information.

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